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bringing ideas to fruition

From concept to creation, we walk with you along the brand birthing journey to bring your vision to life.

Your dreams deserve to be indulged and invested in. And, so does your difference. Let's discover the purpose embedded in your profession.


spending time on what matters

Overnight ideas are concepts that never got the chance to fully develop. We take time to truly explore the potential that is buried within the process.

If you feel like you needed your project launched yesterday then we encourage you to slow down and allow your dreams the space to come to life.


creating memorable experiences

Transform your entrepreneurial journey to one of less worry and more wonderBusiness is not just about creating more bucks in the bank.
It's about curiosity, expansion, and building something of meaning. By tapping into the deeper purpose you provide to the world, you will be appreciated for the irreplaceable value beyond your products and services.

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Transform your business journey by connecting to a purpose that inspires you

brands to their deeper purpose


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NUDE Collective Brand Defining (1).png

let's make some magic

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word artistry

visual heartwork

Moving your audience with meaningful messaging is mandatory to success. Allow us to discover the tone of words and brand voice that will bring your story to life.

brand births

Ready to bring your brand baby into the world? We'll guide you through the birthing process and if you want to breathe life into your existing brand then it sounds like a rebirth ritual is in order.

Attracting your audience through visual engagement is an art. We'll paint on the online canvas of your company to showcase the core of who you truly are.

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explore the potential you have to play a part in changing the

world and you will unleash your magic

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Coga Website 2021 (3).png

calista, founder


meet your brand doula

birthing dreams, breakthroughs, & big moves

Hey! You don't need to believe in destiny for me to know that you landed here for a reason.                             was created to connect businesses and creatives with each other so that together we could discover the deeper purpose of brands and empower entrepreneurs to share their speciality with the world.

If you're ready to breathe life into your dreams then let's dive into the possibilities together. I would love to be your guide and connect you with the right talent.

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words of  love

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Calista takes the ordinary to another dimension; she has a wonderful way with words. Thanks again.

MikePrice, Sojourn

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NUDE Collective Brand Defining (1).png
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NUDE Collective Brand Defining (5).png
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