You are one yoga class away from a good mood.

Mindfulness has the power to shift our workforce.


Yogic practices have been scientifically proven to be effective in providing people with the tools to cope with the high demands of today's corporate culture. Not only is yoga an active solution to stress, it is also a powerful tool in boosting productivity, creativity and mental clarity. Its dualistic nature promotes a myriad of benefits and simultaneously improves mental and physical performance.


Whether you have space onsite or would like your classes managed offsite, we provide stress-release solutions tailor-made to your team members.

Some benefits of yoga include higher energy levels, increased focus, physical fitness, improved decision-making skills and a stronger sense of self. It is also a proactive method for alleviating back pain, stiff joints and headaches or migraines.


Indulge your team members in an experience that allows them to completely unwind and rejuvenate, whilst digging deep and building valuable skills!

Join us for a yoga experience specifically designed to accommodate corporate events from team building initiatives to conferences and end-of-year functions. Our retreats are focused on providing you with a space where you can relax whilst uncovering the limitless potential within.


Our wellness programmes encourage employees to take active responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Employee wellness programmes are a valuable investment that is beneficial for both the corporation and its employees alike.


Our core focus points range from stress management and mind-body wellbeing, to interpersonal and self-awareness skills. The key to increased productivity is a holistic approach to health and strong a sense of purpose and self-awareness.

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